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If a woman feels nourished and loved and cared for and honored, she is going to chase that sex like the animal that she is because she wants to get that serotonergic burst in her brain, and she’s going to be motivated to be the best partner
Dr. Stephanie Estima
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The only time I clap once is to get my dog to stop eating poop. It works like 20% of the time
Luke Trayser
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Place. Names. Dates. These are unimportant. The lessons matter
Ryan Holiday
creativity    82K claps    more

Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data
Stefan Kojouharov
artificial-intelligence    65K claps    more

awing inspiration Interestingly, once computers figure out how to do one of these tasks, humans have a tendency to say it wasn’t really intelligence. This is known as the AI effect
Vishal Maini
machine-learning    39K claps    more

Exponential progress, meet exponential friction
François Chollet
artificial-intelligence    36K claps    more

You need to make what he does less effective, by making sure that your people know that it is unacceptable for them to use what he’s saying to cloak their bigotry
Ijeoma Oluo
equality    27K claps    more

I hope that someday you will be proud of me. I hope you will understand what a fantastic daughter you raised. How strong and tenacious I am, how fiercely I fight for what I believe in, and how much I love you
spirituality    34K claps    more

Books compress a lifetime’s worth of someone’s most impactful knowledge into a format that demands just a few hours of our time. They provide the ultimate ROI
Michael Simmons
entrepreneurship    25K claps    more

If you don’t solve problems manually first, you could lose crucial insights into what’s causing a problem and why
Jonathan Golden
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But it was necessary, and we wanted to do what was best for our girl. Because that’s what parents do
Royce Young
family    26K claps    more

Jesus already gave me two burrito forks. One at the end of each arm. They’re called fucking HANDS
Jack Dire
humor    31K claps    more

In psychology, this concept is called focusing illusion , it’s a cognitive bias where people place too much emphasis on a future event and as a result inaccurately predict the reality of the event
Aytekin Tank
work    30K claps    more

As a society, we really don’t mind if women suffer, physically or mentally, as long as it makes things easier for men
Gabrielle Blair
equality    58K claps    more

For many users, the headline itself becomes the story, even if it doesn’t resemble the original factual event
Tobias Rose-Stockwell
media    21K claps    more

You can’t wish you were in a different space , or a different job, or a different friend group. You either make it happen, or it never happens
Nicolas Cole
short-story    17.7K claps    more

What holds you back from success is never the obstacle itself. It’s how obsessed you are with finding the solution
Nicolas Cole
self-improvement    16.8K claps    more

We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run
Lou Kerner
bitcoin    16.7K claps    more

It’s much more than creating, it’s about understanding your problem so well that the solution is obvious
Garrett Kroll
ux    19K claps    more

On the contrary, selfish people have desperately low self esteem and self love, which is why they overcompensate, demand, and have nothing left to give others
Kris Gage
self-improvement    15.9K claps    more

I think they might find some diamonds in the rough if they were just willing to talk to people instead
melissa mcewen
tech    14.8K claps    more

Medium is a megaphone for ideas. And my hope is Unsplash can help turn up the volume even more
Mikael Cho
photography    14.4K claps    more

I thought it would be interesting to share the very first pitch deck we created in late 2008
Garrett Camp
2008    15K claps    more

Nazism is an ideology fundamentally inimical to everyone who isn’t a Nazi. It is a known and proven threat to life
Yonatan Zunger
politics    13.3K claps    more

On the Shortness of Life by Seneca: People only think life is short because they waste so damn much of it focused on things they can’t control and fears about things they refuse to question
Ryan Holiday
books    12.1K claps    more

That’s another common experience for HSPs: internally struggling with self-doubt and low esteem because you feel broken
Melody Wilding, LMSW
psychology    15.7K claps    more

Courage is a habit, not a personality trait
Alex Mathers
self-improvement    11.5K claps    more

Logaster : Professional online logo maker & generator
Ali Mese
tech    12.8K claps    more

if you’re using sigmoids or tanh non-linearities in your network and you understand backpropagation you should always be nervous about making sure that the initialization doesn’t cause them to be fully saturated
Andrej Karpathy
machine-learning    15.3K claps    more

And I hate that person, that person with a gun, but I also think about how we failed them. Society, parents, schools, mental health providers, child protective services. I think about how someone, or many someones, failed them
Amanda Oliver
education    10.6K claps    more

In the age of Trump, himself arguably the worst offender of everything many have accused Wolf of being, you’re holding a COMEDIAN to a standard to which you won’t even hold a PRESIDENT
Rajiv Satyal
media    10.3K claps    more

I wish I could go upstairs and cry in the bathroom. I want to cry
equality    9.95K claps    more

Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion
Brian Chesky
tech    14.2K claps    more

Anything you can’t give up owns you.
Benjamin Sledge
culture    10K claps    more

Art is telling your story by any means necessary
Todd Brison
life-lessons    9.7K claps    more

What matters is learning the skills of habit-building and habit-breaking so that you can always adopt the right set of habits for that moment in time
Niklas Göke
self    13K claps    more

Facebook is something we all got in middle school because it was cool but now is seen as an awkward family dinner party we can't really leave. If I don’t get any likes on my Instagram photo or Facebook post within 15 minutes you can sure bet I'll delete it
Andrew Watts
imho    9.2K claps    more

The problem may not be that autistic people can’t understand typical people’s points of view—but that typical people can’t imagine autism
neuroscience    11.6K claps    more

Always include retention as something you look at because it speaks to whether your product is valuable enough for people to come back to
Julie Zhuo
startup    9K claps    more

The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. -Steven Pressfield
More To That
self    13.4K claps    more

First, I decided to start doing my best, admitting I wasn’t really working as hard as I could
Jeff Goins
writing    8.2K claps    more

We try to pretend that good parents (especially mothers) enjoy every minute of parenthood. This, I firmly believe, is a misogynistic tool used to oppress women. This is to keep them from questioning the unequal burden that motherhood places on them
Ijeoma Oluo
parenting    10.7K claps    more

the Democrats run a novelty joke party which does not feel any obligation to hold real party elections
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    7.6K claps    more

White supremacy will always contort itself in peculiar ways to justify its existence
Shaun King
sports    7.4K claps    more

Real self-care is all about digging into the roots of your insecurities or stressors and facing them instead of running from them
Melody Wilding, LMSW
self    7.9K claps    more

Grit is a combination of passion and perseverance, a belief that failure can be overcome. It’s a willingness to conquer challenges, instead of avoid them
Thomas Oppong
psychology    7.1K claps    more

exposure to toxic workers can cause other employees to become toxic as well. Yes, one bad egg can ruin the cake
Aytekin Tank
startup    12.6K claps    more

Apple’s customers are those that need powerful machines, but it delayed them infinitely for what amounts to a vanity project that the core demographic of Apple’s customers probably won’t even use
Owen Williams
apple    6.4K claps    more

It is we who are white who have forgotten whence we come and substituted convenient memories in the place of a more troubling history
Tim Wise
immigration    6.3K claps    more

We’re in the puberty years of User Experience
Pablo Stanley
design    6.5K claps    more

The principle is simple: Don’t just plant a tree, plant an orchard. You can live by design
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    5.6K claps    more

The devices started as tools and ended up as drugs for most people
Clint Carter
productivity    5.4K claps    more

Which is to say that if one doesn’t like identity politics, there is a rather obvious way to stop them: put an end to the subordination of people on the basis of identity
Tim Wise
equality    5.4K claps    more

this book is a whimsical exploration of very basic programming concepts
Eric Elliott
javascript    6.3K claps    more

The danger of representation is that it’s our reference for beauty
Kara Jackson
culture    6.7K claps    more

Did Facebook, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Etsy, Baidu, Box, and more recently Slack all succeed in spite of using PHP? I claim that PHP’s simpler think; edit; reload the page cycle makes developers more productive
Keith Adams
programming    6.8K claps    more

It’s one thing to call the police when someone is in danger, or causing danger to others. It’s another thing to call the police (or to vote to give new powers to the police) just because someone is doing something that annoys you
Matthew Gerring
equality    5.1K claps    more

He points to the staccato quality of online interaction and communication — the drive to jump from task to task or site to site, never pausing to consider or extract deep meaning
Markham Heid
health    5.3K claps    more

This means it could be questionable whether we have any real memories that can be relied upon at all, because to some degree all our memories are reconstructions
Sarah Griffiths
psychology    5.1K claps    more

You don’t need to have children to understand that a world where we greet each other with kindness, as equals, regardless of how we look and sound or where we were born, is better than one where we use those traits as criteria for cruelty
Matthew Waldram
culture    4.5K claps    more

If an arrow function is simply returning a single line of code, you can omit the statement brackets and the return keyword. This tells the arrow function to return the statement
Brandon Morelli
javascript    5.1K claps    more

It’s about being prepared to eat sh*t because the upside makes it worth it. It’s about doing what so many are not prepared to do because you believe in yourself
Tim Denning
entrepreneurship    4.3K claps    more

So in machine learning, the questions that matter are what is the textbook and who is the teacher
Rahul Bhargava
artificial-intelligence    4.6K claps    more

If you’re an entrepreneur, it is impossible to succeed by using your own labor to fill the gaps
Seth Godin
freelancing    4.5K claps    more

I’m so full of joy and happiness and the color yellow, and you’re literally a sad sack of potatoes with dark hair
Kate Schulman
humor    4.3K claps    more

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps (or put on your big girl underwear) and take charge of your life so that when a man comes along that is getting serious shit done, you can see yourself reflected in his eyes, and by his side
Christiana White
dating    4.6K claps    more

Fuck you for buying into the idea that racism should be afforded an equal platform with equality, for calling a Nazi anything other than a Nazi
Chris Kluwe
politics    3.7K claps    more

Journalism can be factual and still be utterly false
Aaron Gell
culture    6.1K claps    more

The common theme was that they had started with goals. They learned what they needed from d3 along the way to achieving those goals
Ian Johnson
data-science    3.8K claps    more

Truly good design — the kind that wins hearts, minds, and markets, combines and balances beauty and utility
Stephanie Engle
design    3.7K claps    more

The joy of discovery is one of the best things about being a software developer
Eric Elliott
javascript    4.3K claps    more

When I was teaching myself to program in high school, the attitude people had was that’s just because Ken sucks at football Data Structures, Linked Lists, Trees, Depth First Search, Floyd’s Cycle Detection Algorithm
Ken Mazaika
tech    3.1K claps    more

The 40 Best Places to Learn Something New Every Day
Larry Kim
learning    3K claps    more

Why Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious. — Thomas Edison
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    3.1K claps    more

Owing to the design of our packaging, we could sell into channels that many wholesale brands can only dream of: lifestyle shops (Mast was stylish ), bookstores (Mast was literary ), library and museum gift shops, hotels, gift basket companies, and on and on
Matt Robertson
business    2.5K claps    more

Also avoid using a Learn more action to access help documentation; in-line expansion within the dialog should be used instead. If more extensive information is needed, provide it prior to entering the dialog
Nick Babich
ux    3K claps    more

We’re confident Quantum will deliver significantly improved performance
David Bryant
mozilla    2.4K claps    more

We are in real danger of becoming an elitist party. We have all these wonderful, high-minded ideals about this progressive utopia but have lost touch with the real, everyday concerns of the core of our party
Alex Young
politics    2.2K claps    more

We talk a lot here about giving more. We don’t talk about taking less
Anand Giridharadas
inequality    2.7K claps    more

You’re reading shabby online articles about how to be like somebody else. Do you think Steve Jobs did that? Be bold. But be right
David Barnes
steve-jobs    2.2K claps    more

Designing any product can feel overwhelming but by diluting it down to the essential user experience, you can make it approachable and doable
Michaël Villar
design    2.1K claps    more

Rather than avoiding impostor syndrome, you should embrace it. The more you can feel like an impostor, the better. When you feel like an impostor, you’re out of your comfort zone. You’re doing something beyond where you currently are
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    2K claps    more

Part social network, part publishing platform for the open, free, democratic exchange of ideas… what could be better, right?
SF Ali
startup    1.99K claps    more

Meet 12 Badass Scientists…Who Also Happen to be Women
Karen Frances Eng
ted    2.1K claps    more

They’re pulling information out of the service and making it relevant to the moment
Nick Babich
ux    2.3K claps    more

What you do is awesome!. Translation : you are OK
Romain Serman
siliconvalley    2.2K claps    more

At least half the tech products people use will be because of style and how it makes them feel rather than pure utility. The most popular products and services will be seamless with everyday life and practically invisible
Julie Zhuo
design    2K claps    more

p eople make decisions based on emotion and justify with logic
Johnson Kee
entrepreneurship    1.8K claps    more

Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers
Darius Foroux
careers    2K claps    more

I needed total immersion , driven out of fear and lack of knowledge
Ev Williams
entrepreneurship    1.8K claps    more

You can also use drag and drop to create an image grid: Grab the photo and drag it on top of another image — repeat as many times as you want until you create the visual effect you want
elizabeth tobey
medium    1.8K claps    more

To move HBO to a Netflix strategy is to walk into the Musée d’Orsay and announce, We need to scale this
Scott Galloway
business    2.1K claps    more

Conan Doyle’s more serious fiction went ignored as the public demanded more of what he felt were cheap, manipulative mysteries. Doyle’s great discovery is that intelligence is not about the accumulation of data — it’s about deciding what that data means
Graham Moore
imho    1.6K claps    more

pop up notifications indicating song activity on the page
Evan Simoni
design    1.3K claps    more

Starting with heart means examining your motives and making sure you have a clear picture of the outcome you want before trying to navigate a conflict
Julie Zhuo
personal-development    1.3K claps    more

Reporters don’t like products very often, but they always love missions
Austen Allred
startup    1.4K claps    more

What I didn’t expect was that depending on Uber (UberX specifically) would actually be cheaper than owning and driving a car. Much cheaper
megan quinn
uber    1.2K claps    more

The internet is not a friendly place. Things that don't stay relevant don't even get the luxury of leaving ruins. They disappear
Arjun Sethi
startups    1.8K claps    more

So I drank a lot of coffee and thought. The name had to be simple. Something people can wrap their heads around. Something that has nothing to do with the product but everything to do with how cool it is
Matt Sydeworks
startup    1.1K claps    more

Don’t follow your passion. What you take out of the world...is much less important than what you put into the world. Follow your contribution instead. Find the thing you’re great at, put that into the world, contribute to others, help the world be better
Product Hunt
startup    1.1K claps    more

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