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Being a Full-Stack Developer doesn’t mean that you have necessarily mastered everything required to work with the front-end or back-end, but it means that you are able to work on both sides and understand what is going on when building an application
Daniel Borowski
programming    60K claps    more

Instead of making dead teachers into saints, make them safer when they are still alive
Rebecca Berlin Field
education    51K claps    more

Every next level of life will demand a different you. — Leonardo DiCaprio
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
startup    33K claps    more

While it may at first appear simple, and even stationary, the grid is nearly always thinking — loading, pre-fetching, animating, creating, removing, and presenting your content the best that it can
Antin Harasymiv
photography    38K claps    more

When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years. Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    28K claps    more

John has 8 UXs in their bag and gives 3 to Joe. How many UXs does John have left?
Fabricio Teixeira
ux    33K claps    more

The entire time I was on set he repeatedly exposed himself to me as a thoroughly decent human being
Blue Rock Public Radio
movies    23K claps    more

If you don’t solve problems manually first, you could lose crucial insights into what’s causing a problem and why
Jonathan Golden
airbnb    24K claps    more

To be successful in business does not mean changing the world. It means meeting a need (regardless of size) well and dependably over time
Dave Schools
startup    25K claps    more

Meekness is strength wrapped in humility, my dear daughter. It is strength under control in a world where so many are out of control
Benjamin Sledge
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To work well with other people, you need to understand their personalities and they need to understand yours
work    21K claps    more

Should the technology grow — or the person using it?
Ralph Ammer
ux    18.2K claps    more

Most people fail to realize that they get to choose their stage, who they will be, and how they will act. They have not decided to write the story of their own lives, but instead have consigned the storytelling to someone or something outside of them
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    16.2K claps    more

I knew the second you threw that candy-ass, sniveling milksop into my State Department meetings that he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if it had a hole in the toe and the directions printed on the heel
Allan Ishac
satire    15.6K claps    more

This seemingly automatical nature of freeing up resources is a source of confusion and gives JavaScript (and other high-level-language) developers the false impression they can choose not to care about memory management. This is a big mistake
Alexander Zlatkov
programming    17K claps    more

When you feel comfortable in your own shoes, you carry yourself with a different energy
Nicolas Cole
productivity    14.5K claps    more

She’s living inside a dark fairytale, and in fairytales the women trapped in towers never save anyone but themselves
Kate Imbach
photography    14.2K claps    more

It’s not that women don’t want to talk about what they want. It’s that they feel they can’t
Holly Wood
sex    11.8K claps    more

The pursuit of happiness through possessions is like a treadmill that never ends
Charles Chu
life-lessons    11.4K claps    more

I didn’t march because I personally feel marginalized. I marched because I can. I marched because a lot of women can’t, even if you don’t see them
women    13K claps    more

The solution isn’t to ban the laptop from the lecture. It’s time to ban the lecture from the classroom
Seth Godin
education    11.5K claps    more

Maybe you’re wearing cargo shorts
John Gorman
relationships    12.5K claps    more

Growth and comfort do not coexist — Ginni Rometty
Elle Kaplan
self-improvement    10.4K claps    more

Every single philosopher in the history of humanity tells you this: Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. And only focus on things you do control. That’s the key to happiness
Darius Foroux
entrepreneurship    10K claps    more

In other words, anything we do to arr2 will also affect the original arr array (and vice versa)
Brandon Morelli
javascript    12.3K claps    more

I consistently chose trying to help one more person over a few more moments of sleep. And there was always one more person
Taylor Monahan
ethereum    9.6K claps    more

You are far more efficient when you can remain in one frame of mind for a long period of time, rather than bouncing between different types of tasks
Nicolas Cole
productivity    9.8K claps    more

The purpose of reading is not just raw knowledge. It’s that it is part of the human experience. It helps you find meaning, understand yourself, and make your life better
Ryan Holiday
books    9.6K claps    more

You brought out the love in me that I had hidden for so long
Alexandra Panait
love    9.6K claps    more

If you haven’t worked to become stringently honest with yourself, you won’t know the difference between an egoically comfortable worldview you’ve been given and an honest perception of what’s really going on
Caitlin Johnstone
russia    9.3K claps    more

I thoroughly believe that success in life, however you define it, is the result of how many tough conversations you are willing to have
Benjamin Foley
mental-health    11K claps    more

The most motivational statement comes down to three words: You’re gonna die
Gary Vaynerchuk
entrepreneurship    10.2K claps    more

There’s a series of new technologies that effectively enables companies to tokenize what were previously called frequent flier miles or other types of customer engagement tools or rewards
Lou Kerner
bitcoin    9K claps    more

Every time you don’t honor a commitment that you’ve made to yourself or someone else, it’s a message to your subconscious mind and to the world around you that what you say can’t be trusted, that your word doesn’t mean much
Srinivas Rao
life-lessons    8.9K claps    more

Because when you honor your emotions, but do so without throwing yourself at their feet and lashing out, you also honor yourself
Kris Gage
self    12.5K claps    more

First, I decided to start doing my best, admitting I wasn’t really working as hard as I could
Jeff Goins
writing    8.2K claps    more

All the sex advice out there generally tends to cycle back to the same thing: how can women get more comfortable with doing what men like?
Emma Lindsay
sexuality    17.1K claps    more

You simply can’t do it all and respond to everything and everyone. It pays to prioritize. Choose your daily actions carefully
Thomas Oppong
productivity    7.9K claps    more

The more whitespace there is around an object, the more the eye is drawn to it
Nick Babich
design    7.9K claps    more

If someone fakes a foot injury to avoid serving in the military and then talks like he’s a tough guy, we should fire the son of a bitch
Dave Pell
politics    7.7K claps    more

Ordinary people seek entertainment. Extraordinary people seek educationand learning
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    7.7K claps    more

Creativity flourishes when you don’t seek perfection. Focus on getting stuff done. Just do. Start. Move, make, create, ship, do. Just start. What you do matters, not what you think or plan
Thomas Oppong
creativity    7.2K claps    more

Doing what you need to do means doing it even if you’re tired, even if you’re worn down, even if you’re burned out, even if you don’t want to. Doing what you need to do is a habit, and a fundamental one required for any type of success
Nicolas Cole
productivity    7.1K claps    more

How To Learn In 2 Days What Normally Takes 6 Months When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear. — Lao Tzu
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    7.4K claps    more

This is what passes for the center in US politics today, ladies and gentlemen. A team of warmongering oligarchic sycophants collaborating to convince America that endless war and economic exploitation is in their best interests
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    6.3K claps    more

Apple’s customers are those that need powerful machines, but it delayed them infinitely for what amounts to a vanity project that the core demographic of Apple’s customers probably won’t even use
Owen Williams
apple    6.4K claps    more

if they have the right of refusal, I also have the right to tell my story
Rohan Gilkes
travel    6.3K claps    more

Smooth as Butter: Achieving 60 FPS Animations with CSS3 To achieve smooth animations we need to focus on changing properties that affect the Composite step, instead of adding this stress to the previous layers
José Rosário
css    9K claps    more

If you want an extraordinary life, be extremely selective with whom you go to for counsel and guidance
Anthony Moore
success    5.8K claps    more

Teenagers are caught in a crappy sociocultural Catch-22: Adults are worried their kids are spending too much time on smartphones and consoles, but at the same time they’re constantly policing and restricting access to physical environments
Keith Stuart
culture    7.4K claps    more

What they never, ever like to do is acknowledge the far more uncomfortable fact that as bad as Trump is, he also still hasn’t done anything as bad as what the Obama administration did to Libya
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    5.6K claps    more

Trump’s negotiation technique, which he feels he just proved with North Korea, and which he is pursuing with his trade wars, is to push a situation to an extreme and terrible position until the other side folds and compromises
Tobias Stone
politics    5.5K claps    more

Procrastination is a fancy word for resistance . If there weren’t resistance between you and your desired behavior, then nothing would stop you from doing it right now. No resistance, no procrastination
productivity    5.6K claps    more

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking
Darius Foroux
inspiration    5.5K claps    more

We’re excited to release FlameScope: a new performance visualization tool for analyzing variance, perturbations, single-threaded execution, application startup, and other time-based issues
Netflix Technology Blog
data-science    5.6K claps    more

Sustained productivity and focus requires giving your mind plenty of opportunity to rest and recharge, so you can come back stronger than ever
productivity    6.9K claps    more

Fasting is the first principle of medicine; fast and see the strength of the spirit reveal itself. — Rumi
Dr. Stephanie Estima
lifestyle    10.6K claps    more

Leadership inspires, it doesn’t dictate
Brad Armstrong
work    6.3K claps    more

Diet takes discipline; the gym takes discipline; business takes discipline; success takes discipline
Tim Denning
life-lessons    4.3K claps    more

We all have the same amount of finite amount of fucks to give, and too many of us waste them on petty things. I’m not willing to sacrifice any fucks on stupid shit
Kris Gage
life    4.5K claps    more

You suspect by now that you are no longer a real person, just a machine that drinks and lies to itself
Kristi Coulter
mental-health    4.9K claps    more

We were sorely lacking. We were just humans. You were loved
Pamela Day
death    4.1K claps    more

We’re not like a hardware company; we’re not like a software company. We’re a system company,
Lance Ulanoff
photography    4.8K claps    more

After investigation, we found the JVM garbage collector (GC) contributed a lot to the latency spikes
Instagram Engineering
cassandra    4.3K claps    more

humans are hardwired to respond to visuals
Jenna Wortham
sexuality    5.6K claps    more

I guess I wanted contact. Affection. This was a warmth I could steal. No baggage. No consequences. Just a little relationship that starts at one station and ends at another. No break-up, no goodbye, just a single moment of shared warmth
short-story    4.3K claps    more

People who have the agency and self-awareness to own what actually and truly interests and impresses them most, regardless of how often or what others think
Kris Gage
life-lessons    3.4K claps    more

The 11 digital tools I use every week as Head of Product
Pascal Briod
startup    3.6K claps    more

to turn away from things you love is simultaneously noble and foolish
Brian Oliu
health    3.5K claps    more

Research says that using the latest and greatest technology (like Kubernetes) has no correlation to a team or organization’s success. None. The ability to turn ideas into code and get code into production rapidly does
Chick-fil-A Tech Blog
software-engineering    4.1K claps    more

Instead of detoxing, many of the rest of us should get comfortable with the idea of detaching from our technology periodically
AJ Jones
self    3.5K claps    more

Pixate is a great tool to use if you’re looking to build a 100% native prototype so you can experience your ideas on a device as though you would if they were real
Product Hunt
startup    3.3K claps    more

Pen and paper — old school pen and notebook work well for quick sketching or daily planning
Tomas Laurinavicius
entrepreneurship    3.1K claps    more

Delightful details lose their charm over time. Delight has a shelf life, and even the most delightful details can start feeling stale after a while. To keep things fresh, you’ll probably have to redesign the same things over and over again
John Saito
design    3K claps    more

Switch mindset, from judgement to intrigue. Move from evaluation to fascination
Ricky Derisz
lifestyle    3.8K claps    more

When we don’t work with real data, we deceive ourselves
Josh Puckett
design    3.2K claps    more

This movement of ours — this political revolution — must continue. We cannot let all of the momentum we have achieved in the fight to transform America be lost. We will never stop fighting for what is right
Bernie Sanders
politics    2.8K claps    more

Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest. ― Leo Babauta
Thomas Oppong
productivity    2.8K claps    more

A product is bought to be used. It has to satisfy certain criteria, not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic. Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could possibly detract from it
Michael Abehsera
design    2.7K claps    more

The Science of Making Bold Decisions and Avoiding Regrets in Life We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    2.4K claps    more

As it turns out, it’s damn hard to design consistent and beautiful things at scale
Andreas Pihlström
design    2.5K claps    more

The best error message is the one that never shows up
Thomas Fuchs
design    2.4K claps    more

How you make your money is way more important than how much you make
Gary Vaynerchuk
entrepreneurship    2.5K claps    more

within Writers could record themselves reading their own work and attach it to the story as an audio file
Ales Nesetril
user-interface    2.5K claps    more

Having ideas is not the same thing as being creative. Creation is execution, not inspiration. Many people have ideas; few take the steps to make the thing they imagine
Kevin Ashton
creativity    2.2K claps    more

5-second rule : if it takes you more than 5 seconds to think of an appropriate icon for something, it is unlikely that an icon can effectively communicate that meaning
Nick Babich
ux    2.3K claps    more

When the users were presented with a custom loading animation in the Facebook iOS app (left) they blamed the app for the delay. But when users were shown the iOS system spinner (right), they were more likely to blame the system itself
Nick Babich
ux    2.2K claps    more

Humans have greater recall of unpleasant memories compared to positive ones
Alvin Hsia
startup    1.8K claps    more

It’s like these people work on the sun
Amanda Rosenberg
tech    1.96K claps    more

Once my body surrendered the memory of what was, it began to imagine what could be
Marisa Kabas
career-advice    1.8K claps    more

Why didn’t the media cover *insert country here*? appears to actually be shorthand for Why wasn’t this story shared extensively on my Facebook feed?
Emma Kelly
journalism    1.4K claps    more

UI concepts, gotta love them! They make us think outside the box, give us inspiration on the most uninspiring of days and, let’s be honest, they’re totally eye candy 🍭
material-design    1.2K claps    more

SP is basically the same as DP, but it’s scaleable. If the user set font is huge on device settings, the SP defined font size will be set as huge
Minseung Song
android    1.2K claps    more

Sometimes font names are chosen specifically to showcase certain letters, and that was the case with Proxima Sans
Tri Vo
typography    1K claps    more

We were not born to sit on a couch and binge watch cheap TV series. We’re born to explore, discover and hug this fucking planet
Tobias van Schneider
design    1K claps    more

New grads no longer start from zero — they start with a negative balance
Hanna Brooks Olsen
poverty    1.2K claps    more

I erased most of my TODO list since I really only need to stay alive and listen to people and everything else is a lie
Paul Ford
notification-center    1K claps    more

I quickly found out that the potential of data doesn’t necessarily render it easier to make decisions. in the F
Cemre Güngör
this-happened-to-me    1K claps    more

I certainly believe that having an original, legitimate and honest point of view (for a designer or anybody else) involves cultivating the ability to see what others overlook
Rob Walker
design    1.4K claps    more

Oh, Lawd! Help me, my mind cried out. He is fine. And he plays guitar. What? It’s over now
James Bernard
music    1.1K claps    more

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